The Process


How do Custom Caricatures work?

These bright, humour filled artworks are fun, full of personality & look pretty sweet.
Not only are they great to hang on the wall, they are a great conversation starter and a walk down memory lane to say the least.
From your favourite beach, to the after party of your best friends hens/buck show, these artworks make for the perfect gift. You supply the ideas and leave it up to me to bring the concept to life.

Merewether Carlton Wood Frame Mitch Revs.jpg

OK, Sooooooo.........

How much $$$ am I looking at for one of these Caricatures, because they look like they take a while!!! Your not wrong!
These Artworks take weeks, detail and intricacy is what gives these pictures that WOW factor you are looking for. 
Starting at $4000, these one of a kind Artworks can be transformed and customised exactly how you like. You can have your best mate Tommy driving his Ferrari with his bright green fishing rod flying off the back. What ever you think up, we can make it work. 

Ok, lets do it! How do we get the ball rolling?
To make this process as easy as possible, photographs, reference images, as much information you can provide, will better the final outcome of your Custom Artwork.

Shoot an email to with your ideas and lets get the ball rolling!